The Test Assessing Secondary Completion (TASC) program at the Center for Career Services is designed to assist students extremely deficient in credits in preparing for the High School Equivalency (HSE) exam. This half-day program focuses on direct academic instruction in the following core areas: English, Math, Social Studies, and Science.

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General Guidelines

Eligible students for the TASC program must:

  •  have a limited number of high school credits
  • be between the ages of 16 and 19 years old, and
  • have a minimum reading and math composite score of 8.0 G.E. as determined by a standardized test or Test of Adult Basic Education (TABE) exam

Referrals to the TASC program will go through an intake process that involves:

  • an initial review of student records
  • an assessment of academic reading comprehension and mathematics level (TABE)
  • a required in-take interview, and a
  • determination by a committee of the appropriateness of the placement and/or eligibility for the program

*Students below the 8.0 G.E. minimum may be considered for pre-TASC instruction based on district interest.

Key Program Features

TASC (formerly GED) is a half-day program* that will give students an opportunity to strengthen core academic skills in a smaller instructional setting. The curricula are supported with workforce ready skills that will benefit students preparing to enter a future career or post-secondary education.  

TASC is designed to provide academic instruction for students at substantial risk of not meeting the requirements of a traditional high school diploma. Instruction is provided in a supportive environment as students build skills to pass the NYS High School Equivalency exam. The TASC program includes a workforce component that supports student career exploration and readiness skills.