Intro to CTE (iCTE)

The iCTE program is a half-day general education career exploration and training program designed to meet the specific educational goals of students in need of a smaller learning environment. iCTE programs offer practical, hands-on skill development in specific trade areas while students refine some general career readiness skills such as the appropriate behavior, dress, language, time management, and social skills required to secure and maintain a future job.

*Please note - the Intro to CTE classes meet during our AM SESSION ONLY

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iCTE Program Offerings

  • Auto Body & Detailing
  • Auto Trades & Maintenance
  • General Maintenance Assistant
  • Intro to Applied Art & Design
  • Intro to Fashion & Retail
  • Office Skills & Occupations
  • Retail Food Skills & Services

Key Program Features

  • Aligned with CDOS Commencement Credential
  • Student Portfolio Development
  • Career Plan Development
  • Ongoing Employability Profile Assessment
  • Comprehensive Level 2 Vocational Assessment
  • Work Based Learning (WBL) experiences integrated into the curriculum 

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