Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to attend the Center for Career Services (CCS)?  Any student who attends a participating BOCES home school district and is in Junior or Senior standing at their home school.

How do I enroll in CCS?  If you are a Junior or Senior in high school and want to enroll in a CCS program, you should meet with your home school counselor to discuss the enrollment application process. Your application will not be considered complete until everything is properly submitted, and you have approval from your parent/ guardian and home school counselor.

When do I attend CCS?  Students who are in their junior or senior year of high school can attend CCS. Every program is a two-year program, some students may elect to only participate in one year of CTE coursework.

Can I attend more than one CCS offered program?  No. Students enroll in one CTE program and are in that same program for two years.

What time do classes meet at CCS?  CCS is a half day program, Monday through Friday, and runs on the same academic school calendar as your home school. The AM session is from 8:25am-10:55am and the PM session is from 11:55am – 2:25pm. Students only attend one session and spend the rest of their time at their home school.

Can I eat breakfast or lunch while at CCS?  Yes. CCS has a full cafeteria for student use.

Can I still participate in activities back at my home school?  Yes.

Can I drive to CCS?  You may only drive to CCS if your home school approves you to do so. Students who want to drive must fill out an application at CCS and include a copy of their driver’s license and automotive insurance card. Students may not drive other students without permission.

Will CCS help me meet my graduation requirements?  Yes, your classes are counted towards your credits necessary to graduate high school. Some classes may lead to 4+1 career pathways.

Does CCS offer Academic courses?  Yes, students may receive academic credit over the course of 2 years. This means that you can earn your academic credits as part of assignments that you work on that are both CTE and academic related. Depending upon the program, students can earn credits in ELA, Science and Math.

Will CCS help me meet my CDOS commencement credential requirements?  Yes. The CTE programs are designed to assist students in meeting the state requirements for the Career Development and Occupational Studies (CDOS) commencement credential. Students are required to complete 216 hours of CTE coursework and 54 hours of Work Based Learning during high school. Students will participate in the hour requirements, obtain work-based learning hours, be instructed on the CDOS standards, develop a career plan, develop a resume, and complete an employability profile as part of their training.

Do I graduate from my home school or CCS?  You graduate from your home school and CCS holds a recognition ceremony at the end of June for all students who have successfully completed their program.

What is a college articulation?  Our programs have various articulations with post-secondary schools. Students can earn college credits while enrolled in a CTE program.