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Education and career training is what students will get when they come to the Center for Career Services in Valhalla. The center offers classes in a variety of career and technical disciplines for students who are interested in developing skills that will lead to a rewarding high-demand career and college. 

Our Career and Technical students master job skills in specific "cluster" areas, and they can choose one- or two-year programs. All eligible students who successfully complete our New York State approved CTE program receive academic and career and technical credits and are eligible for college credits through specific college articulation agreements with our Career and Technical programs.

CTE News

  • A Valentine's Day Surprise

    Children at the Ronald McDonald House of the Greater Hudson Valley received colorful pillow dolls, courtesy of our fashion students at the Center for Career Services. Read more about it here.


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  • SWBOCES students medal at SkillsUSA

    Fourteen students from a number of different career and technical programs at the SWBOCES Center for Career Services in Valhalla came away with top honors after competing in the Regional SkillsUSA competition held Jan. 19 at Rockland Community College. Read the full story here!


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  • Culinary Alum Gives Credit to SWBOCES Culinary Arts Program for his Success

    We recently interviewed Culinary Arts alum and Eastchester native Dante Giannini about his recent win on the Food Network’s “Chopped” reality TV show and how the SWBOCES Culinary Arts Program helped prepare him for what has already become a phenomenal career. It includes working for a number of celebrities, including his current position as estate chef to Jimmy Buffett and his family.  


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  • Culinary Grad a 'Chopped' Champion

    A 2006 graduate of the SWBOCES Culinary Arts Program was recently crowned the winner of the latest season of “Chopped,” the Food Network’s cooking game show.

    Click here to read all about Dante Giannini, the Eastchester High School graduate, who claimed the $10,000 first prize earlier this month when he went up against three other chefs from restaurants across the country. 

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  • Presentation Gives Students Inside Look at New NY Bridge Project

    Students from several automotive classes on the SWBOCES Center for Career Services campus had the chance Jan. 5 to get a behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to build a twin-span replacement bridge, the developing state-of-the-art structure that will take the place of the 62-year-old Tappan Zee Bridge.

    In an hour long presentation, Dan Marcy of the New York State Thruway and a member of the educational outreach team for the New NY Bridge Project, explained to students the mechanics behind the construction of the bridge, the various stages of the $3.8 billion project and all of the equipment that is necessary to bring it to a successful completion.

    The new cable stay bridge is being supported by approximately 1,000 steel foundation pilings sunk 300 feet into the river and positioned underneath each of the bridge’s concrete piers.

    The foundation of the bridge is critical, said Mr. Marcy, because it supports the entire weight of the bridge and the traffic loads it will carry.

    It will have more than 190 stay cables, which are anchored to the interior of the bridge’s concrete towers and to the sides of the structural steel field sections.

    To date, about 60 stay cables have been installed.

    To accommodate the ongoing construction, two floating plants have been sitting on the river so that concrete can be made nearby and poured into the developing bridge. Mr. Marcy said that more than 300,000 yards of concrete will be used, enough to build a sidewalk from the construction site to Key West, Fl.  

    Referring to the super crane called “I Lift NY,” Mr. Marcy said the giant machine is the largest one of its kind on the project. It has the capacity to lift more than 1,900 tons, which is 12 times the weight of the Statue of Liberty, he said.

    The project wouldn’t be complete, however, and might run into problems without the help of tugboats, which he described as the project’s “workhorses.” They are capable of pulling the super crane all across the river, he explained.   

    The westbound span is expected to be finished later this year. A bike and walking path is also planned for the new bridge.

    A time-lapse video of the construction work from August 2016 to October 2016 can be seen here: https://youtu.be/WSGBR3t5QOM.


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  • New Rochelle’s Fifth-Graders Get a Taste for STEAM at Half-Day Event

    About 150 fifth-grade students from Trinity Elementary School in the New Rochelle School District had the chance to experience a variety of career and technical education programs at the annual STEAM Day event held at the Center for Career Services Dec. 6.

     The initiative was organized by Jason Poniatowski, who runs the Computer Information Systems & Medical Administrative Assistant Program, along with BOCES counselor Lori Aufiero and Mr. Poniatowski’s student, Nahsma Mayora.

    The half-day event is intended to expose students to programs that fall into the area known as STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math).

    Before dispersing them to various classrooms around campus, BOCES Supervisor Audrey Mangan explained the importance of having a marketable skill in today’s job market.

    “This is the campus where you can make the future happen for you,” said Ms. Mangan, referring to the opportunities that current high school students are given to pursue programs they have a passion for and that can lead to careers that are “fun and fascinating,” she added.

     “You are going to see kids not much older than yourselves who are doing some fantastic things,” she said, referring to the programs that students visited, including architecture/interior design; auto technician; baking; construction/electrical; commercial art; computer information systems; cosmetology; culinary arts; emergency medical services; fashion, law, security and policing; nursing; pre-engineering as well as TV/video production.

     In Lisa Rudner’s baking class, the enthusiastic visitors got to make sweet and salty popcorn and decorate chocolate-covered pretzels. Others visiting the Culinary Arts Program kitchen had the chance to make and decorate gingerbread cookies.

     In Scott Nelson’s Auto Technician class, students got to use car jacks that auto mechanics use to raise cars up off the ground for maintenance and balancing tires, while others were thrilled to use an impact wrench.

     Pre-engineering teacher Leticia Noce divided students into groups of three, with some of them constructing bridges, others working on a Rube Goldberg and more of them attempting to build the tallest structure to support a marshmallow. 

     “The STEAM visit was a complete success,” said Mr. Poniatowski. “The Trinity students were able to explore careers and areas of study through hands-on experiences, and it was also great for our students as they were the local experts for the day and were able to act as role models for the younger kids.”

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  • Culinary Arts program holds mock presidential election

    Students in both the morning and afternoon classes at the Southern Westchester BOCES Culinary Arts Program at the Center for Career Services in Valhalla learned how to exercise their democratic right to vote one day before the nation’s general election. 

    Even though all of them are not yet voting age, the exercise was more about making them aware of the importance of voting, said Chef John Damiani, who organized the initiative.

    Using cupcakes they had baked earlier in the day, the students were instructed to squeeze blue frosting on a cupcake if they supported Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, red frosting for Republican candidate Donald Trump and white frosting for Libertarian candidate Garry Johnson.

    The results, tallied at the end of the day, showed that Clinton got 80 percent of the student vote, with Trump a close second and Johnson trailing behind him.

    “The great thing about this exercise was the fact that they honed their baking skills and learned about how voting happens in the real world,” said Chef Damiani.

    The mock election was confined to the culinary program, but next year Chef Damiani hopes to extend it to other programs on campus. 

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