Have you ever wanted to design a mousetrap vehicle? Build a wind turbine? Program an autonomous walking or dancing robot? If so, then Pre-Engineering is the program for you! This two- year course is designed to introduce students to the world of technology and engineering. It provides opportunities to apply science, technology, mathematics, physics and communication skills through project- based instruction with real world applications.  

Many different fields of engineering (Mechanical, Civil, and Robotics) as well as engineering concepts and principles will be explored.   Working in teams, students learn to apply the design process and develop their organizational, problem solving, creative and analytical skills. Activities such as the Rube Goldberg Contest and the Lexus ECO Challenge Contest help to hone student skills and tap the creative processes.

This course is an excellent starting point for students who are interested in entering the field of engineering in post secondary education.

Course available: Grades 11 - 12

Course length: 2 years

Credits: *Up to 4 CTE credits a year

Available high school credits: 1.0 English, 1.0 math, 1.0 science

*Course must be taken with AutoCAD, which determines maximum credits that can be awarded.