TV/VIDEO Production takes Field Trip to NITROUS LTD

Video production company opens its doors to SWBOCES students

Students in the TV/Video Production program at Southern Westchester BOCES’ Center for Career Services received a behind-the-scenes tour of Nitrous LTD in January. Owned by Paul C. Rosen, Nitrous LTD is a full-service agency that creates promos and trailers for broadcasting networks and corporations. They offer everything from pre-production to post-production and final delivery. They serve clientele not only locally but globally as well. 

Nitrous LTD began more than 20 years ago when two creative video editors decided to pool their talents and form their own production company. It has seen many changes over the course of its existence, but its mission has stayed the same, to provide a cinematic experience to its clients. Nitrous is a network of highly skilled professionals that prides itself on working with the best of the best. Mr. Rosen explained to the students the roles of the individuals that make up the company and their importance. 

“We bring this great talent to the table, bringing highly skilled talent to the job which shows we can have great speed and efficiency,” he said.

Since it began, the company grew from a one-room office in SOHO to an entire floor in the Flatiron District, where they operated for 14 years. In 2016 Nitrous needed to move from that location, to make way for condos, and they found a new home in White Plains. The new location has proven to be worth it as it provides more flexibility. Within its walls it contains a screening room, a production stage, a green room, multiple editing and color suites, as well as virtual workstations.

Mr. Rosen provided the students with a guided tour of the camera equipment and editing suites and welcomed them into his conference room where he spoke to them about his experience in the industry. He ended the session by opening the floor to students so that they could ask questions.

“I love talking about my industry, being able to pass it on to these kids. Just being involved like that, it’s exciting,” said Mr. Rosen. 

During the trip the students were able to get a feel for what their future holds. Sanaa Donae, a senior at Woodlands High School, said that she wants to become a cinematographer and found the trip insightful. “I learned a lot about the lights, the cameras, and what lenses to use for different shots,” said Sanaa.

The purpose of the trip was to get students excited about the industry and to help them make the connection of what it will be like for them in the workforce, that there are different tools, different areas to work in that they can excel at. “I hope that when they come to a place like this they recognize the different tools they are using and the dots connect,” Mr. Rosen said. 

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