CISMAA Students first to visit White Plains Hospital since pandemic

Future healthcare workers receive lesson in patient care

Students in the Computer Information Systems & Medical Administrative Assistant program at the Southern Westchester BOCES Valhalla campus received a private tour of White Plains Hospital, visiting multiple floors to learn about patient care. a group of students in scrubs

During their visit at the end of February, students learned about the history of the hospital, and how it has expanded over the years, as well as future expansion plans. Most importantly, they gained insight into how hospitals care for their patients.

“I wanted to expose the students to the real-life experience of being in a hospital,” said Jason Poniatowski, who teaches Office Skills & Occupations and CISMAA. “Students learned about the structure of the healthcare system and how it goes beyond what we initially think of when we think of healthcare.”

The SWBOCES students were the first group to tour the hospital since the pandemic. While on their excursion, students were able to see different sections of the hospital and how nurses care for their patients. They also learned about the sensitivity of health data, privacy issues and how important it is for hospital staff to communicate with one another in order to provide optimal healthcare.

“It was a very exciting experience being the first students able to visit the hospital after COVID,” said Kendra Rollins, a senior at New Rochelle High School. “I saw a lot of terminology on the walls, a lot of stuff that we learned in class. It just clicked for me. I was able to recognize and understand a lot of what was going on.”

The students found the hospital to be very well organized and enjoyed their tour. Some wished that they could see more but were happy to have had the opportunity.

 “It was well worth it. I definitely want to apply to work at White Plains Hospital when I’m ready,” said Zainab Maqsood, a senior at New Rochelle High School.