Experienced electricians are in serious demand in today’s workforce! The Center for Career Services Electrical Trades program offers you the opportunity to learn basic electrical skills and progress to the cutting edge of 21st century green technologies. In each class and lab, students have the opportunity to actually construct circuits and gain skills and experience as they move from residential into commercial and industrial wiring.

 The materials, meters and methods used in this program give students the in-depth understanding and knowledge needed to work with the latest environmentally friendly technologies.

 Opportunities for post-secondary education in the electrical industry are available through one, two, and four year college programs. Specialized training is also available at technical schools or through apprenticeships, and some employers pay for such additional education.

Course available: Grades 11 - 12

Course length: 2 years

Credits: 6 CTE elective credit; 1.0 English; 1.0 Math