CTE Premiere: Sound Production Program

Carmen Sandiego Sound Design

by Emma Huerta

Teacher Description

This is an accomplishment for my student, seeing that it was her first time doing this kind of project and the amount of work that was required.

This project is called Sound Design, or the art and science of creating a story through sound. Emma selected a clip from a show she liked, stripped away all audios, including dialogue, background noise, sound effect/foley and music. She had to recreate it in her own version. This meant wearing the hats of a script writer, producer, artist, foley engineer, foley artist, recording engineer, composer, editing engineer, and mixing engineer, to name a few.

The creative process of this was finding everyday objects to create the sounds that are heard, such as the ninja star hitting the wood. This was done live in the studio, syncing all of the visual hits with the recording using a table and classroom objects to make it believable. That is Foley, the creating of sound effects, such as using celery to mimic bones breaking in a movie.

There are seemingly countless amounts of takes and audio clips to sync in a very short time frame. This pushed Emma beyond her limits and eventually the hard work, focus, and discipline, not to mention passion, earned her the student of the program.