Color Contest lets Cosmetology students showcase styling skills


Students judge their peers' technique and creativity, and the results never disappoint

student coloring mannequin hair

girl applying color to mannequin hair

Each spring, beautiful colors crop up  in the Cosmetology labs at the Career Services campus like newly blossoming tulips and daffodils, making for an eye-catching array.

Rather than flowers, though, the chromatic explosion comes from the hair color techniques of aspiring designers in the two-year program. The annual hair coloring project allows students to showcase their mastery of the hair coloring techniques they learn as part of the curriculum.

Not just an assignment, this is a contest wherein second-year students are judged by their first-year peers next door. As expected, competition brings out the best from all who take part.

Students have full creativity for this project: They choose the colors, techniques, cut and style they want to showcase. 

“Every year we are pleasantly surprised at how well each and every one of the students work to achieve that final look,” Theresa Galitello, one of the Cosmetology instructors, said. “Students worked diligently and with great pride to get their projects done.  It would be too hard for us, as their teachers, to choose the winners, and that is why we want their peers to judge them.”

Instructor Laura Mirabel added that the project is a glimpse into what will be required of them when they are working in an actual salon, in terms of combining creativity and the skills they've developed to ensure the best possible result for their clients.

“This is what the work is about, and we are really encouraged by how well prepared our students are to enter the field and be successful,” Ms. Mirabel said.

The instructors congratulated the students who won 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in the AM and PM classes. Scroll down for the full list.

students applying coloring skillsrow of mannequin heads in back of classroomrow of mannequin heads on tablestudents in cosmetology lab coloring hair

Hair Coloring Contest Winners

Ms. Mirabel’s Class

1st Place: Sofia Alvarez, New Rochelle
2nd Place TIE: Jackie Ballesteros, New Rochelle 
2nd Place TIE: Pamela Arrega, New Rochelle 
3rd Place: Dayanna Acevedo, Harrison 


Ms. Galitello’s class:

1st Place Karen Hernandez, White Plains
2nd Place Emilia Motolinia, New Rochelle
3rd Place Samantha Polgano, Eastchester