TV/Sound Production Mural

Sound and Television Mural: One project, two requirements fulfilled and a lasting testament of skills

Commercial Art student Angel Contreras needed a project to do to complete the Senior Options requirement at his home school. He also needed to come up with an exit project for his art class. It seemed obvious what had to be done: combine the two projects. The result can be viewed outside of the sound and television production classrooms — a giant mural of sound and video equipment through the ages.

Angel, a senior at Edgemont High School, said the senior project is typically a hands-on one students can do, or they can complete an internship. When he mentioned he was looking for a project to fulfill the home school requirement to his Commercial Art teacher, Damian Powers said he had the perfect thing.

It just so happens Mr. Powers was working with the Sound and TV Production teachers, who wanted him to design a sign for their program. Instead, he handed the project over to his student.

“He took over the whole project,” Mr. Powers said. “He talked to the teachers, created a mock-up thumbnail and presented it to Mr. Harty and Mr. May.”

“The main idea was the evolution of technology and how far it has come,” Angel said. “I did a collage of technology through the decades.”

Angel began his project by photographing different types of equipment related to the programs.

Using Adobe Photoshop, he was able to put his images into a collage format. Once he felt he had the perfect look, the piece was printed out on a large-scale printer. The next step was hanging it up on the wall outside of the Sound and TV Production classrooms, which was the toughest part of the job — aligning each panel so it matched the one next to it and stuck to the wall smoothly, leaving no wrinkles.

It was the perfect project for Angel, who said he loves his class because “it’s very relaxing and you can work at your own pace.”

“I was able to use my skills for the final project,” he said, adding that he came to BOCES through the encouragement of a friend and found “the Commercial Art program appealed to me.”