Student work makes debut on YouTube

There are so many talented students who attend the Center for Career Services, it does not seem fair that so few people get to see, hear or learn more about the incredible work they do.

Three teachers have collaborated to share their students’ work on a popular format: YouTube.  

Sean Harty, who teaches the Sound Production students, has been collaborating with Television Production teacher Mike May and Commercial Art teacher Damian Powers to create the YouTube channel: CCS Digital Media Productions.

“Since Mike and I do the videos and work with all the programs, anything we do can be put there,” Mr. Harty said.

One of the most recent projects posted on the channel consists of students’ short video clips for a hypothetical production company logo.

“They are really good, I have to say,” Mr. Harty said of the students’ work.

Students from the three classes, Sound Production, Television Production and Commercial Art worked in groups to create a company logo and video.

“My students benefit from collaboration work because it gives them a real-world experience of working with their peers and developing ideas,” Mr. Powers said. “Collaboration with other students and teachers on campus is of upmost importance for my students. The students need to know how to interact with others and guide the flow of ideas to a creative solution for the client, or people involved in the project that they are working on.”

The YouTube channel will enable parents and prospective students to view the work done by current students.

“It will be easier to find it in one place,” Mr. Harty said. “We want parents, students to go to this site and see what we’ve done. That becomes helpful for school counselors.”

Mr. May added that the channel is a good way to keep student work “front and center.”

“There will be new content to look at and highlights of student work,” he continued.

In addition to the company project, viewers will find a recent video on the Virtual Work-Based Learning program, Student Voices and video work from previous years.

“The channel is growing,” Mr. Harty said. “We don’t want to wait until everything is perfect.”

Access to the channel can be found at