Culinary elves make holiday treats

C is for Christmas Cookies!

Who knew that the Center for Career Services had its own group of elves?

Turns out they reside in the campus kitchens and each year around this time, they maintain a steady focus: baking Christmas cookies!

A visit to the kitchen showed students – as they are more commonly known – measuring, mixing, baking and decorating dozens of holiday cookies. The treats are being made to be sold as a fundraiser for the Culinary Arts program.

“It’s kind of fun,” Anthony Flowers, a senior at Alexander Hamilton High School, said as he pumped filling for the center of what would be sandwich-style shortbread cookies. “I’ve never made Christmas cookies.”

Raquel Thomas, a junior at New Rochelle High School, is a bit of an expert on confection concoctions. She and her aunt make Italian Christmas cookies every year.

“The anise and the rainbow cookies,” are her particular favorites, she said.

On this day, she was melting chocolate that would become the frosting on the multi-colored Italian rainbow cookies.

The day before, Bryce DiFalco, a junior at Pleasantville High School, made batches of spritz cookies.

“I love it,” he said of the recent baking frenzy.

There are so many cookies coming out of the ovens that teacher Chef John Damiani does not measure in the dozens.

“Last year we did about 100 pounds of cookies,” he said. This year, he noted, students scaled down the amount due to the pandemic and would likely bake between 50 and 60 pounds.