Welcome Back!

Center for Career Services welcomes students to a new year

It was all hands on deck outside of Building B on the campus of the Center for Career Services. Teachers, administrators and aides organized themselves at tables ready to welcome busload after busload of students to the start of a new year of school throughout the week of Sept. 3

The Center’s opening day is different from other school districts as it takes several days for the full group of students to arrive for their first day of school at the technical training center. When they arrive on campus depends on what day their home district starts the school year.

During the week, as students arrived each day, they were greeted with an explanation of how to find their bus back to their home school at the end of their session at the center. They also received their schedule and, if necessary, were given instructions on how to find their classroom.

It was also a time for seniors to share greetings with their teachers and for new students to learn their way around campus.

A new year