Garrett Jennings named to WECA

Garrett Jennings is the new WECA Zone Leader

Work Based Learning Coordinator Garrett Jennings has a new role beyond his work for the Center for Career Services. Beginning in September, Mr. Jennings will begin his tenure as a Zone Leader for Westchester/Lower Hudson Valley with the Work Experience Coordinator’s Association.

“I’ll be responsible for communicating ideas and policies coming from the New York State Board of Education. I will also be responsible for creating community within the region and growing WECA membership,” he said.

Mr. Jennings, who has been the Work Based Learning Coordinator at Southern Westchester BOCES Career Services for the past two years, has been a WECA member since taking that position and said he was interested in gaining a leadership role in the organization.

The position will also help him promote the work done at the Center for Career Services.

“It will give us more visibility,” he said. “More people will be coming to our campus. It will more of a model school in terms of what we do and will help with our business partners and connections. For me it’s about building the actual brand,” Mr. Jennings continued. “Both at Career Services and WECA and making sure we are all united as well.”

Mr. Jennings is also looking forward to introducing Southern Westchester BOCES to the rest of the state through speaking engagements and representing the organization through WECA.

“It’s a great win, a great opportunity for our campus,” he said.

Like so many organizations, Mr. Jennings said WECA has held its meetings virtually. Moving forward he will be participating in the two annual zone meetings.