Field trip to Stickley

A trip to Stickley

Students learn more about the furniture design business

Students in the Architecture and Interior Design class received first-hand knowledge of furniture — its shape, design and texture — on a recent trip to the furniture and design center Stickley Audi & Co.

It was the first time Christine Ireland had brought her students to the furniture store.

“It’s important for the students to visit a design center like this because it is hard to teach them how to work with design clients, show them fabrics and explain furniture quality without a lot of furniture to touch, sit on and feel,” Ms. Ireland said.

During the visit students were given a tour by designer J. Robins Springer and showroom manager John Dunnican. They discussed the history of the furniture line and offered suggestions on how to work with clients, and expectations for designers entering the field.

“The students were impressed with the showroom,” Ms. Ireland said. “It has recently been redesigned with rooms based on various design styles. It was a successful trip!”

The teacher is currently in the process of building an internship program with the furniture store and hopes to have a student placed soon.