Culinary gingerbread houses

A culinary Christmas

Annual assignment teaches skills and creativity

 ‘Tis the season for baking and the students in the Culinary Arts program have created their own unique gingerbread houses to add to the festive atmosphere on campus!

After making the dough from scratch, students cut out the necessary components of walls and roofs for their houses. Each piece was carefully decorated before they began the delicate process of standing the sides of the houses up and ensuring it stayed upright.

“It came out OK,” Sean Gooden, a junior at Rye Lake High School, said of his effort. “And you do get messy,” he said as he wiped icing from his hands.

“That’s the fun part of cooking, you get messy,” quipped Chef John Damiani, who was assisting Sean.

“It was pretty interesting to make it all from scratch,” Sean said.

Anna Maulucci, a junior at Rye Neck High School, opted to create a gingerbread castle. She had several towers she was planning to construct from the gingerbread she had carefully decorated with precise swirls and dots of icing.

“Cooking is my passion,” Anna said. “It’s something I love to do

Before she began on her structure, Anna said she spent time thinking about what she wanted her project to look like and how to decorate it. She also researched templates.

“I’ve done gingerbread houses before but not on this large scale,” Anna said.

“This is the most important part,” Chef Damiani said, “you have to get the foundation right. This can’t be rushed.”

Students helped one another hold up one side of their houses as one iced the sides to adhere it to the cardboard tray the house rests on. A box of sugar also helped to hold things upright as the icing dried.